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Creative writing workshops can be strenuous for writers. Imagine sitting in a closed room with your work being put out there for display. You could clamp down shut, get nervous or lose your train of thought.

We are told that this is how workshop goes: praise and critique, praise and critique. Throughout, the student who is “up” for workshop sits in silence.

Beth Nguyen thinks that this format has done its time. As she is a writer of Asian descent writing about characters set in South East Asia, she’s had her share of being misunderstood by her fellow Western workshop mates. She uses that experience now that she is the creative writing space. Instead of passing judgments on writing, she invites the writer’s opinions on the piece. By allowing the writers to explain themselves, you give them a voice and more clarity on what they are writing. Workshoppers would do well to consider this essay before they embark on teaching students how to write.
Saint Jerome Writing, c.1605 - Caravaggio

Wikiart: Saint Jerome Writing, c.1605 – Caravaggio


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