That’s the Word for It: Matutolypea


Matutolypea is the scientific equivalent of getting up from the wrong side of bed. It’s the grumpy cat syndrome that happens when you wake up. The word hasn’t yet entered mainstream dictionaries but it’s one of those obscure words that has gained some popularity on the internet.

This word doesn’t seem to be very popular on any writer’s list. Managed to locate just one usage:

“Well,” Opal said. “I put the pamphlet up because it felt better than doing nothing. We’ll see.”

I nodded, but perhaps not brightly enough.

“Oh my,” she said. “I thought I cheered you up, but I still see a glum expression. Is this a case of matutolypea?”


Now, now–the English teacher! Surely you know what that means? Or are you having a case of the mubble-fubbles?”

Gillian Roberts, All’s Well That Ends




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