November 12, 2019
by Neelima

Readers can’t Digest-Week 255 (6-Nov to 12-Nov)

1. Women’s writing began much earlier than supposed, finds academic

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2. Climate strike named 2019 word of the year by Collins Dictionary

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3. Neil Gaiman confirms that work is already underway on Sandman season 2 for Netflix

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4. University of Western Australia’s decision to close publishing house sparks outrage

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5. Jailed Turkish author Ahmet Altan freed after three years

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November 5, 2019
by Neelima

Readers can’t Digest-Week 254 (30-Oct to 5-Nov)

1. Green wins £25,000 Nayef Al-Rodhan Prize

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2. Scribe staffers get ‘reading day’ for 1000-page Russian epic

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3. A woman might go to jail for forgetting to return library books

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4. Jean-Paul Dubois Wins the 2019 Prix Goncourt for Novel Set in a Canadian Prison

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5. Man ‘became excited,’ lost consciousness while listening to audiobook prior to crash

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October 22, 2019
by Neelima

Readers can’t Digest-Week 252 (16-Oct to 22-Oct)

1.  Harold Bloom, author and literary critic, dies at age 89

2.  Booker Prize 2019 Goes to Two: Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo

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3. Online bookstores can be sued if they are not accessible for blind people

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4. Fiona Benson wins Forward prize with Greek myth poems for #MeToo age

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5. Swedish Academy defends Peter Handke’s controversial Nobel win

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October 15, 2019
by Neelima

Readers can’t Digest-Week 251 (9-Oct to 15-Oct)

1. Rihanna Is Publishing Her First Visual Autobiography

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2.  The Nobel Prizes in Literature for 2018 and 2019

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3. Tbilisi Named UNESCO’s World Book Capital for 2021

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4.  American Literary Translators Name 2019 Shortlists in Poetry and Prose

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5. Not the Booker prize 2019: Lara Williams wins with Supper Club

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October 8, 2019
by Neelima

Readers can’t Digest-Week 250 (2-Oct to 8-Oct)

1. US prisons banning thousands of books ‘on arbitrary grounds’

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2. Lucy Ellmann’s long sentence leads to Goldsmiths shortlist

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3. Lego Publishing and Ameet to launch new publishing imprint Lego Books

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4. Me Before You Author Has Been Accused Of Publishing A Novel With “Alarming Similarities” To Another Author’s Book

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5. Michelle Obama publishing companion journal to Becoming 

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September 24, 2019
by Neelima

Readers can’t Digest-Week 248 (18-Sep to 24-Sep)

1. Hundreds of authors protest after Kamila Shamsie’s book award is revoked

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2. A comic written for the visually impaired

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3. Two penguins interned at American publishing company Penguin Random House

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4. How Reese Witherspoon became the new high priestess of book clubs

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5. Canadian author Graeme Gibson dies aged 85

September 10, 2019
by Neelima

Readers can’t Digest-Week 246 (4-Sep to 10-Sep)

1. Author Kiran Nagarkar passes away at 77 in Mumbai

2. Paul McCartney goes from rock-star to children’s book author

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3. Google Play is now renting ebooks

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4. Publishers announce new Elena Ferrante novel out in November

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5. JCB Prize for Literature 2019: Debutants and first novels dominate the longlist

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