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InstaScribe is continuously changing for better and evolving. Some of the changes have been noticeable, while others have been quietly improving the e-books through the backend. We thought it was a good time to tell you about some of the improvements we have brought about in the product.

  • Detection of duplicate images in the library: If you, by mistake, upload the same image again, the system recognizes it and keeps a single image in store. This means you won’t be wasting your space quota unnecessarily.
  • Ability to split chapter: You can put your cursor anywhere in the chapter and click “Split Chapter” to create a new chapter with the content after the cursor. If you select some text while clicking on “Split Chapter”, the selected text would become the title for the new chapter. This feature is particularly helpful for imported books where chapter separation needs to be fixed.Insta1
  • Security: The website and application now runs on https, thus making it more secure to use.
  • Editing project title: On your dashboard, you can click the edit link next to the project title and edit it. Especially helpful for imported titles that have long file names.
  • More robust import: Import from MS Word works much better now. Loss of content and data in minimal and would become even better going forward.
  • More compliant export: Many common issues with compliance of exported EPUB files have been fixed. Thanks to all those who reported the issues. If you find that your files are not being accepted on any platforms, please do report it to us. We fix such issues on high priority.

We are always available on as well as on our forums to listen to your e-book creation woes and to solve them to whatever extent possible.


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