Device Info: Kobo eReader


Kobo eReaderKobo eReaders are e-book reading devices from Kobo Inc. in Canada. It has e-book readers with E Ink display as well as tablets with LCD display. E Ink is a display technology that brings paper like contrast and is easy on eyes, especially when one is reading for long durations. With E Ink display, it is possible to read from the device even in sunlight. It isn’t possible to read in dark though, because the screen is not backlit.

E Ink models of Kobo eReaders currently in the market are Kobo Touch, Kobo Glow and Kobo Aura HD.  Kobo Arc is a model for a tablet. Like tablets from Kindle and Nook, Kobo Arc also runs on Android operating system.

Kobo eReaders have support for EPUB and PDF formats, and also limited support for MOBI format. The books can be purchased from Kobo’s online e-book store. DRM-free files obtained from elsewhere can also be transferred directly.

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