Device Info: Nook


Nook GlowLightNook is a brand of e-book readers and tablets from Barnes & Nobles. Like Kindle, there are e-book readers with E Ink displays and tablets with LCD displays. The E Ink display models can be read in sunlight, and not in dark.

Current models in the market with E Ink display include Nook Glowlight and Nook Simple Touch. The tablet models with LCD display include Nook HD and Nook HD+. The tablets run Android operating system.

The e-book readers support EPUB as well as PDF formats. Tablets are like other tablets and apart from EPUB and PDF a bunch of other kinds of files can read and created using apps available for Android.

E-books can be bought for the device from Barnes & Noble’s NOOK book store. The DRM-free EPUB and PDF files obtained from elsewhere can also be transferred directly to the device.


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