Publishing Your eBook

Create Here, Publish Anywhere

eBook is now as mainstream as mainstream can be. It’s not just self-publishers who are going eBook; bigger publishers are also releasing eBooks simultaneously for even their most popular authors.

It isn’t terribly difficult to publish an eBook. But it is important to do it right. So, let’s look at the steps involved.

Writing the Book

Irrespective of which formats you publish the book in, your content needs to be in place. For some, writing may come naturally, but to make a book for a reader, everyone has to work hard, make their way through the writer’s block, work and rework the words, sentences and paragraphs until they flow just right, find beta readers and work through their feedback, and preferably take it through a professional editor before declaring it ready for the world.

Here are some articles from our blog that may help you with the process.


Creating the eBook

Now that your book is ready, you need to create an eBook out of it. The two most common eBook formats you need to worry about are EPUB and Kindle. There are pain points there. Although eBooks have become mainstream, the formats and devices are still evolving. So, even if you have an eBook in a particular format, making it work consistently across devices can be painful.
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