December 1, 2014
by Jandré
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Don’t distract me– I am writing!

If you Google the word “Distraction”, the first result links to Wikipedia. This is not really surprising. The second result links to a page that promises to help you minimize distractions. On the one hand this is nothing but great … Continue reading

July 1, 2014
by InstaScribe

Building Author Website (Part 3/3): 5 Tools to Create Author Websites

In this short series we have looked at a bunch of technical terms, so that you will have the required back ground knowledge when it comes to creating a site featuring you and your books. We had a look at … Continue reading

April 15, 2014
by InstaScribe

It’s Time to control Your Marketing And Sell More Books!

Once considered the black sheep of publishing, self publishing is now the mainstream. No longer deemed amateurish or even unglamorous, writers who have even been published by traditional publishers are choosing self-publishing.  Why? Control and profitability!  Whether your book is … Continue reading