Checking Channels: By the Book Pod with Jolenta and Kristen


I chanced upon By the Book, a podcast By the Book Pod.

It’s a ‘half reality show, half self-help podcast’. In each episode, Jolenta Greenberg, a producer and performer in New York, and Kristen Meinzer, an audio producer and host, team up to live by the rules of one self-help book at a time. The format is interesting. Some of the points of the book are discussed and then lived by for the next two weeks. For instance, when the hosts came across a book on astrology, they tried incorporating the astrological sign advice into their routines. Sometimes the self-help techniques work; sometimes they laugh about it. It’s an interesting way to approach the huge number of self-help books out there.

By The Book was named one of the best new podcasts of 2017 by NPR and was selected by The New York Times as their Podcast Club Pick in Fall of 2017.

season 3 podcast GIF by The Good Place

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