Checking Channels: Interpreting the Oedipus Myth Using Vegetables with Jason Wishnow


Familiar with the Oedipus myth? If not watch Hank Green’s crash course on Oedipus.

Now that you know the myth, you might be amused by this animation featuring vegetables as the cast. Vegetables have featured in art before in good old still life and the very extreme vegetable portraits by Arcimboldo.

So a potato called Oedipus takes on a cauliflower, none other than the King of Thebes, and ends up marrying Jocasta the tomato.  Watch the ten-minute stop-animation video and see for yourself. A myth stays alive regardless of the actors.

Jason Wishnow and his team took two years to create this vegetable extravaganza. I also enjoyed the behind-the-scenes of this creative venture, especially the search for fresh vegetables and how difficult it is to wrap them with silk in accordance with the fashion of the times. The stand-out for me was the fight scene with knives and cleavers, exactly as vegetable warfare should be.

potato GIF

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