Checking Channels: David Naimon’s ‘Between the Covers’ Podcast


I’m a big fan of David Naimon’s Between the Covers, described as one of the ten best book podcasts by The Guardian.

David Naimon talks to prominent writers of books he has enjoyed, usually books where the boundaries are blurred- there are three interviews with Ursula Le Guinn! His interviews are pretty long with extensive preparation. He seems to get the most interesting bits straight out of the authors’ mouths, probably because his line of questioning is extremely well thought out. He delves into the writing process and allows the author to get into the nitty-gritty of writing. As listeners, we are introduced to a host of contemporary authors and become acquainted with a variety of issues and opinions that form the context of our present-day lives.

To understand more about David Naimon and his podcast, it would be useful to read an interview with the man himself here. If you are a fan of deep thinking in the literary sphere, this is a podcast not to miss.

season 3 podcast GIF by The Good Place

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