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What are the traits that a writer has? Is there any genetic peculiarity, any mannerism or habit that grants the label? Karen E.Bender creates a list of qualities like the love of language and sensitivity, an openness to the imagination, stubbornness and the ability to be deluded.

“A delusion is problematic if you’re, say, refusing to acknowledge that a certain person actually does not like you, or if you’re sinking into debt, or if you’re hearing voices. But in creating art, in sitting down in front of a blank page and saying, “I am going to write a novel,” or a story, or anything that does not have a clear outcome or map, delusion (or, perhaps deep suppression of the incredible difficulty of this undertaking) can have a use.

Makes you wonder about the truth behind most writers. To be fair, not all writers have similar experiences or personalities. Can a broad yardstick be used to define nearly all writers of our time? Perhaps not but a writer or at least the world’s perception of one is a stubborn bull who loves words and is sensitive to nuances that non-writers do not write about. Inspiration aside, a writer is somewhat consistent in his pagely ambition.

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