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So have you been guilty of trying to read a book completely even if you didn’t want to? That seems to be a common enough offence and one that Katie Heaney talks about in her essay Why It’s So Hard to Stop Reading Books You Don’t Even Like. Sometimes it’s a review that leads you to a book and you keep reading, waiting for the five-star feeling even when there is none. Researchers have coined a term for this — gritty. A gritty reader never gives up, going ahead, and probably feeling guilty that she can not finish.

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Another essay I came across called Millenial Reading Habits have Changed the Definition of a Classic by
Ajinomoh Ozovehe Caleb deconstructs the shrinking lifespans of popular books. There was a time when books like Dr. Zhivago stayed on the bestseller list for over 20 weeks but now a good book stays on the bestseller list for a week and then it’s time for another one. Why is this happening? Caleb blames it on the larger output of books and changing dynamics of readership. Read the story for more.

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