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Do you like reading about female spies? If you do, head to the YA section as contemporary spy fiction hardly has female leads. There are usually femme fatales or helpless female victims in books by John Le Carre and Ian Flemming.

“YA spies are based on a fantasy (teenage spies don’t exist), not the reality of the intelligence world (as contemporary spy fiction draws from).”

Ally Carter, Robin Benway, Shannon Greenland, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Kat Carlton, T.A. Maclagan, Annabel Monaghan, Laura Pauling are some authors who have written contemporary YA books featuring female teenage spies. Contemporary fiction, however, is ‘the province of men’. Did you know about Stella  Rimington, the first female Director General of MI5, who wrote a fictional series about a female intelligence officer called Liz Carlyle?

Read more here: Why Don’t Female Spies Grow Up? Women in Contemporary Spy Literature.

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