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Why I’m Still Trying to Get a Book Deal After 10 Years is an essay that makes the writer in you stop and think. Anjali Enjeti who has many published essays and two books to her credit talks about that time a decade ago when she sent her first email to a literary agent.  She was optimistic but her growth as a writer was slow and included rejections and residencies. Even when she got representation by a literary agent, it didn’t work out as she had hoped it would. She didn’t stop at that. Her writing career flourished as her work got published in esteemed publications; she worked as an editor and also a teacher. In spite of the pitfalls, publication of her books remains a goal. Enjeti explains why she does this, even though in hindsight, continuous searching and rejection can be stressful and pointless and publication can even boil down to chance or if you like, luck.

Read this essay if you think you are a struggling writer or before you become one.

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It also happens that an acclaimed science fiction writer who is eighty-seven years old starts writing a blog. Robert Minto takes a look at What Happens When a Science Fiction Genius Starts Blogging. It would do you good to take a peek at Ursula Le Guinn’s blog. Crossing frontiers and challenging norms are not new to Ursula Le Guinn. She opened the door of science fiction to women writers who until then were assumed to be unqualified to write in this genre. In her blog, she once again surprises the reader and talks about earthly things like politics, cats and old age. She was inspired by Joseph Saramago’s blog (written in Portuguese); did you know the eighty-five-year-old writer had one?

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