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Goodreads was acquired by Amazon in 2013. It’s a social cataloging and a community of literature lovers website that was launched in January 2007 by Otis Chandler and Elizabeth Chandler. Most of you must have an account at Goodreads. You can search their database for books, annotations, reviews and reviewers. If you don’t have an account there yet, one good reason to register would be that there are 20 million book lovers on board.

Another reason is the Goodreads Author Program. If you’ve written a book, you can create a profile page, promote your book and connect with your fans. Your profile page can have your profile pic, bio, link to blog and book listings.

You can promote your books by advertising, which is affordable, or doing a giveaway. You can also answer questions fans ask their authors. You can vote for your favorite book and improve its ranking too. You can also interact with book groups and increase your readership.

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