W&P: Writer as Seer


Some writers have an uncanny ability to tell the future. You might be familiar with  Jules Vernes’ prediction of the 1969 moon landing in his book From the Earth to the MoonArthur C. Clarke’s reference to digital media and satellite communications, Ray Bradbury’s divination of headphones, Orwell’s Big Brother in 1984 and E.M. Foster’s reference to skype-like calling device. Many other writers have been able to write with an eye on the future, and they are all not just sci-fi writers. There is an argument that sci-fi is not about futurism, but that’s a different debate altogether. Writers seem to be in deep connection with time and so have their pulse on what may occur.



There are many other predictions that haven’t seen the light of day, so you could argue that the idea of predictions are far-fetched and could be nothing but the result of in-depth knowledge and intelligence and of course, pure chance.

Are they any books that you have read that you think have their pulse on the future. Share.








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