W&P: Instagramming Your Book to Success


Are you on FB and twitter already? Do you really need to be a part of one more social media forum? Before you ask yourself these questions, you may find it interesting to know that Instagram has already overtaken twitter in terms of users.

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You may also think that since books are about words,  marketing with visual teasers doesn’t make much sense. Instagram is a platform where pictures do speak louder than words but there are several authors who take advantage of this visual platform to garner more followers and thereby generate more sales. It may work for you if you know how best to use it to your advantage. Some pointers here:

#Shelfie: Hashtags such as these lead you to book recommendations in the online world. A fan who holds on to a book and clicks a happy picture is sending out the message “Read the book I’m holding!” And book could be yours.

Celebrities: A celebrity whom you have roped in would be doing you a great favor if she posts a picture of your book on Instagram. You get instant visibility.

Cover: Instagram has some great filter options and is every photographer’s dream. If you have the aesthetic sense, you can do your cover release by posting pictures of your book cover in various interesting settings and against various backgrounds. It may be hard in the beginning but with a little obsessiveness, you might be creating great visual content with your book as a central character.

Contests: You can also host contests and do giveaways. Interesting photo submissions based on the theme of your book create a flurry of interest.

Your story: Strangely, people are very interested in the writer’s life. So if your book is out and you are out mountain climbing for inspiration for your next book, post a picture to keep your fans on their toes. Fans also appreciate pictures of their favorite author doing a book reading or preparing for an event.

Paid ads: You can also create paid ads on Instagram. (More details here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1649590841944352)

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