W&P: Where do you Write?


Where do you live? is a common question, but where do you write? It matters if you are a writer. If you google writer’s room or writer’s desk, you will get a whole array of cozy studies complete with writing desks, computers, libraries, etc. Toni Morrison talks about that little sweet space from where she churns her literary novels in her Paris Review Interview. Stephen King dreams up a perfect writing space where all the right words get typed out in the right order. Go to this link.

So where do writers write? Many write at home just before the children wake up or once the hullabaloo of the day has ended and the moon is out. A more romantic option is writing at a cafe like Hemingway or JK Rowling. There are writers who write at parks and even writers who compose as they walk. There are writers who rent rooms just to write and then there are some strange ones who write in coffins. Even malls if the need arises.

There are writers who can manufacture chapters in the din of home life. There are writers who need the solace of a cabin or the chirp of birds to pen a paragraph. Then there are some who find their muse at writer’s retreats in pristine places while others find their hidden writer in crowded places, noise turning into a soothing hum that provokes the written word to emerge. The bottom line is the importance of place. The place is the beginning of routine. Something clicks when you find the right spot.

Some writer’s rooms here: https://www.theguardian.com/books/series/writersrooms

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