Books will Endure and Quantum Sheep @ Link Wanderlust


If you have books in your home, you are most likely to be successful because you need to be financially secure in the first place to own books at all.

But of course, there’s more to books than security. Books are also great companions during exile. Authors like Stefan Zweig realized this during the Hitler years. Books also give comfort; they hold out the leaves on their spines like hands pulling you out of despair or the rigors of living.

So books will endure for various reasons including to show off that you have taste. Read more of this fascinating mediation on books by James McWilliams in his essay The Physical Book Will Surely Endure: But Will It Endure for the Right Reason?

Another interesting article I stumbled on was The Physics of Poetry or the Poetry of Physics by Bianca Lech. You normally wouldn’t put physics and poetry in the same basket but as Lech points out: “And then I learned that Jorge Luis Borges intuited and illustrated the theory of relativity in his stories and poems long before Einstein made it into the theory of physics that changed our understanding of the universe.”

She talks about oddities like Quantum sheep and the case against reality. All efforts be it science or poetry aim to reach truth. The ways truth is pursued is varied but it is sought out. What comes out of this search is the beginning of inspiration.



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