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Hasn’t social media changed the way privacy is viewed?  Many of us may be private persons; yet we don’t hesitate to share information with corporations to travel, dine out at a restaurant, book tickets or update our fb statuses. There is an eighteenth century idea called the ‘panoptican’ where the occupants of prison were surveilled by an invisible eye 24/7. Today this eye is no eye of God; it’s the internet. Since the internet is everywhere, we hardly realize that all of us are being tracked.

Where there is no value for privacy, what value does shame have? None whatsoever.

Plato would be alarmed by the lack of shame online. He thought that shame was a crucial emotion, indispensable for doing philosophy and acting morally. In Plato’s famed dialogues, the character of Socrates is always being pestered by people who complain that his wisdom makes them feel ashamed, as soon as his arguments start to sink in.

Read more of this thought-provoking essay Shame on You by Firmin deBrabander. You may view your life on social media differently after reading this.

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