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In the essay, Books I Wish I Wrote: On Writerly Jealousy , Kaulie Wilson talks about one of the most powerful emotions on earth. Jealousy is central to human thinking and not surprisingly a fulcrum of literature. Wilson is very humorous when she speaks about her own pangs of jealousy. Sometimes she reads a book and thinks” I could have written that!”

Does this kind of jealously happen to you? Jealousy of another writer’s style or fame?

“Without jealousy there wouldn’t be much literature to speak of. No William Shakespeare, no Anna Karenina, no Brothers Karamazov, no Madame Bovary, no Marcel Proust.”

Jealousy in fact is the story, and thereby a source of creativity. So instead of whining about having lost out to a more superior being, best to see this emotion as yet another geometrical problem and where there is mathematics, there will be a solution as well.

What is the solution?  Well go ahead and read this delightful story and find out.

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