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Are you a fan of Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith? It’s an interactive book which asks users to ruin the book and tells them how to do it.

I hadn’t heard of this book until I came across two interactive books by the same author- The Imaginary World of— and Finish this Book. If you are going through some major creativity issues like a block in your mind and an inability to write or paint or be creative, Keri Smith is a fun option.


What Keri Smith does is push the unsuspecting reader to go beyond the comfort zone. It looks like fun but she’s actually pushing you to do something you are unfamiliar with. That’s when creativity happens. So if you open to the page where she tells you to walk in a certain direction in your neighborhood that you haven’t been to before, you might just be in for a surprise if you play along. I’ve heard a different version of this in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Cameron asks the reader to go on a date with herself.


Keri Smith specifies what has to be done, whether it’s assembling mundane items or finding a secret location or creating an imaginary world.

The book The Imaginary World of— is especially interesting if you are attempting to write a fantasy novel. She pushes you to create an imaginary landscape, imaginary weather, a map, characters, currency, a manifesto, a dictionary… leaves you feeling like a child and you do get better acquainted with the world you are trying to create.

One thing you need to remember is that you need to own a personal copy of Keri Smith’s books as it is highly interactive and intends to become the book that you write.

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