Robots and Literature @ BYOB Party in April 2016 (Part 4)


Have you been reading about the BYOB Party(Parts 1,2,3)?

Rise of the RobotsRalph, who is a regular BYOB-er, talked about an exciting new book called  Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future by Martin Ford. This book was awarded the FT Best Business Book of the year award 2015. We are all excited about technology, but how much technology can we afford to have? Ford looks at a world where robots are a better economic alternative. Already factories are doing more today with technology and a same sized labor force than it did in the last century.

Umakant Soni pondered on this idea too. ” Creating intelligence is dangerous, as we can never tell how long we can stay secure. During the Industrial Revolution, children were sent to school so that they could be supervised. The same could happen to adults whose jobs have been taken over by the robot workforce. What will adults do if they are unemployed and what about income?”

Jaya proceeded to discuss her ideas on the value of Universal Basic Income. You can read more about her ideas here.

Another book that Ralph read was by the very eclectic Anita Nair, a book called Goodnight and God Bless. This book is about writerly stuff- books, book events, anecdotes and literary trivia. It’s a refreshing read and a change Ralph thought from his usual penchant for serious books. A good change at that.


Anvita Bajpai, author of a short story collection Life, Odds and Ends, found a book called The Holy Indian Cow and Other Stories by Tarun Chopra, a book replete with pictures and altogether a fun reading experience.

What have you been reading?





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