Readers Can’t Digest – Week 20 (29-Dec to 04-Jan)

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1. B&N to buy back the stake Pearson acquired in its Nook Media business for $27.7m in cash and stock, ahead of a division of the business in 2015.










2. Girls are quick to romanticize anti-heroes, says Harry Potter author, as she shares her vision for the future of Draco Malfoy.

draco malfoy










3. Using e-readers at night can lead to sleep deficiency and damage health.

sleepy kitten









4. Apple now allows iBooks to be returned within two weeks of purchase.










5. Stories compiled by the 19th-century folklorist Franz Xaver von Schönwerth were recently rediscovered in an archive in Regensburg and will be published in English for the first time this spring. It challenges preconceptions about many of the most commonly known fairytales.

beauty and the beast











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