Readers Can’t Digest – Week 3 (25-Aug to 31-Aug)

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1. Kobo‘s Aura H20, the new waterproof e-book reader will be available for sale from October 1, 2014. According to Kobo’s president, more 60% of the users wanted to be able to use e-book readers by water without worrying.
2. After ‘Da Vinci Code‘ and ‘Angels & Demons‘, Tom Hanks and Ron Howard will reunite for a movie based on Dan Brown‘s latest ‘Inferno’. This might mean that there won’t be a movie based on ‘The Lost Symbol‘.

Tom Hanks 2
3. Samsung has announced its new Nook branded tablet – Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. It’ll be priced at $179 and has a customized, Nook-centered software.
4. Action Comics No.1, which featured Superman for the first time in 1938, has been sold for around $3.2m on ebay. It was bought for 10 cents in 1938.
5.  Tim Howard, the USA and Everton goalkeeper, has landed a book deal with Harper Collins. His memoir called the “The Goalkeeper” will be published on 9 December.
Tim Howard

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