Readers Can’t Digest – Week 1 (10-Aug to 17-Aug)

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1. Google has joined forces with Barnes & Nobles to try and tap into the book delivery business. Same day delivery is the next big thing  and Google wants to compete with the likes of Amazon in this space.

Super Delivery Boy


2. Hundreds of people queued up in front of bookstores to buy Murakami’s latest novel – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. This is Murakami’s 13th novel. The Japanese version was released in April 2014. The English version was released today.



3. Author writes about Hunger GamesKatniss Everdeen and how this character was a breath of fresh air for the teenagers who weren’t idolizing Twilight’s Bella Swan. She explains why Katniss is a good role model to have even though it’s hard to like her as a character.



4.  Amazon has opened the first ever staffed book store in the college campus of Purdue University. Students can buy/rent new or used print textbooks or e-textbooks. This is the second university with the Amazon store. The first was University of California, Davis, last year. There, it offered the university a 2% cut of sales. (



5. George RR Martin has revealed that some fan theories are actually right. Some smart fans have figured out the big secrets by rightly interpreting the subtle hints provided in his books.

Game of Thrones

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