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Came across this thread on MobileRead Forum – ePub creation tools: what is missing? (wishlist/dialogue)

So much to do! And so many conflicting expectations. The most perplexing issue is WYSIWIG editor vs. direct HTML editor vs. Markdown editor. It is quite clear that different kinds of people have different “obvious” preference. Each works for one class of people. Given how many people there support direct HTML editing or even Markdown, it looks like the crowd there is pretty tech-savvy. But those probably won’t work for the non-techie kinds. Or the learning curve will be steep enough to make the proposition of a tool like InstaScribe pointless.

Currently we have taken the approach of using an off-the-shelf WYSISIG editor with options customized and some HTML cleanup happening in the backend.

In theory it should be possible to give people an editor of their choice or even a combination of editors. But providing that is a little more complicated than it sounds. But for future development, we won’t rule that option out.

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