Amazon’s Broken “Look Inside” Feature for KDP Books


We hit a strange snag recently with the e-books created through InstaScribe. The books look perfect when viewed on Kindle devices and previewers. But the “Look Inside” feature for KDP books seems to have a renderer incompatible with the renderers in previewers and devices. Thus “Look Inside”  is messed up. For some reason, it is taking the style of the chapter title and applying it to the body text too.

Till now, we are unable to find any reason for it. Some people said that it could be because of open HTML tags. But we have checked that and validated the HTML against strictest checks. There is no problem in the HTML we are generating. So, we are in the game for some trial and error right now. We will keep you updated. It is taking time because the only way to test it is to publish the book and wait for “Look Inside” to be available. Because the previewers are not showing any errors.

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