Tool Info: Adobe InDesign


InDesign is a desktop publishing software application from Adobe. It is widely used by designers and publishers for typesetting books and is almost an industry standard in publishing industry. As a publishing Software, it is much more feature-rich and involved compared word processors like MS Word. Give the cost and learning curve, it can typically only be used by specialized, trained professionals.

The software works very well for print publishing. It comes  with many advanced features that help in creating print-ready files that almost all printers accept. In recent versions, Adobe has also added the ability to export the books created in InDesign to EPUB formats.

However, the exported files are often not usable as is. Since the tool and its file format are designed for print, they may not have the information necessary to create good e-books. Designers often export EPUB files from InDesign and make adjustments to the HTML and CSS.

If your book is already being prepared for print, you most likely have an InDesign file. So, it is a good place to start creating your e-book files too. You can make changes to the exported EPUB files using other EPUB editing tools, including InstaScribe now 🙂

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