April 3, 2017
by Neelima

W&P: Instagramming Your Book to Success

Are you on FB and twitter already? Do you really need to be a part of one more social media forum? Before you ask yourself these questions, you may find it interesting to know that Instagram has already overtaken twitter in terms of users.

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You may also think that since books are about words,  marketing with visual teasers doesn’t make much sense. Instagram is a platform where pictures do speak louder than words but there are several authors who take advantage of this visual platform to garner more followers and thereby generate more sales. It may work for you if you know how best to use it to your advantage. Some pointers here:

#Shelfie: Hashtags such as these lead you to book recommendations in the online world. A fan who holds on to a book and clicks a happy picture is sending out the message “Read the book I’m holding!” And book could be yours.

Celebrities: A celebrity whom you have roped in would be doing you a great favor if she posts a picture of your book on Instagram. You get instant visibility.

Cover: Instagram has some great filter options and is every photographer’s dream. If you have the aesthetic sense, you can do your cover release by posting pictures of your book cover in various interesting settings and against various backgrounds. It may be hard in the beginning but with a little obsessiveness, you might be creating great visual content with your book as a central character.

Contests: You can also host contests and do giveaways. Interesting photo submissions based on the theme of your book create a flurry of interest.

Your story: Strangely, people are very interested in the writer’s life. So if your book is out and you are out mountain climbing for inspiration for your next book, post a picture to keep your fans on their toes. Fans also appreciate pictures of their favorite author doing a book reading or preparing for an event.

Paid ads: You can also create paid ads on Instagram. (More details here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1649590841944352)

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Gift a Book Day

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Today is Gift a Book Day! Don’t forget to gift a book to someone special! Send us your photos and experience at giftabookday@gmail.com.


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March 30, 2017
by Neelima

Lit Stats @ Link Wanderlust

Megan Gambino’s interesting interview with Ben Blatt, author of Nabokov’s favorite Word is Mauve, is an eye-opener. Ben Blatt mathematically analyses twentieth-century classics and bestsellers to understand patterns in the way authors use words and phrases. This way he is able to compare advice like ‘don’t use adverbs’ to fact.Hemingway really does use fewer adverbs than other writers.

Blatt analyses opening sentences, repeated words, the use of weather as a theme in the first sentence, etc. By compiling this data, he’s got a more definitive view of an otherwise vague subject. Read this interesting story here.


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Another story I found, this time in The Guardian, was about how the Booker Longlisted debutante Wyl Menmuir uses data from an app to help with his writing process. He is the kind of writer who goes to that extra length to make his book work.

“Menmuir deployed every tool he could think of. He embarked on a creative writing MA for which the planned novel was his thesis. He set himself daily goals. He deployed software to block his access to social media. And he also downloaded an app called WriteTrack (later renamed Prolifiko), which allowed him to set word counts and track his progress.”

Menmuir sets word targets and describes how he feels as he touches every milestone. By reading this essay, it is evident that collecting data about process when the tools are available could be helpful material for every aspiring writer. Read the story How to Finish a Novel and try to finish your own.

March 28, 2017
by Neelima

Readers can’t Digest-Week 126 (22-March to 28-March)

1. Nobel laureate, poet and playwright Derek Walcott dead, aged 87

2. Caribbean crime thriller wins inaugural prize for only BAME writers

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3. Benedict Cumberbatch to star in new Matt Haig novel adaptation

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4. Germany’s Bastei Lübbe launches the ‘oolipo’ Mobile Platform

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5. J.K. Rowling Just Revealed Juicy Fantastic Beasts Plot Details

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March 27, 2017
by Neelima

W&P: Plagiarism

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As readers and writers, you must be aware of what plagiarism or intellectual theft is and how you can prevent instances of it from coming through in your writing. If you use someone else’s words and ideas without attribution, it’s called plagiarism. This is common in the academic world where students copy passages without giving the author his due.  However, the consequences of plagiarism are dire. You could get expelled from college, lose a book contract and lose opportunities.

You may not be a copy cat and get involved in direct plagiarism or word to word copying on purpose, but you could get careless and accidentally plagiarize someone else’s work as well.

You can prevent this from happening by citing all your sources and writing with awareness. Many times students submit internet research without really understanding what it is they are writing about. Also while you take notes from sources, you must remember where your sources are. If you are quoting a sentence word to word, you should put the words quoted in double inverted commas. If you want to talk about the gist of an idea, you paraphrase it. It’s as simple as creating folders that hold the correct information; this is always safer than pasting information onto word docs and forgetting later where those notes came from.

More links on the whos and whats of plagiarism:





March 23, 2017
by Neelima

The Story of a Translator @ Link Wanderlust

Imagine a world without Russian classics– a world where the works of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Chekhov are unknown? If it wasn’t for a woman named Constance Garnett, this kind of world may have existed.

Constance Garnett was a coroner’s daughter. Her background is far from academic. She worked as a governess and a librarian. Her husband was an aristocratic man who worked as a publisher’s reader (a person paid by a publisher or book club to read manuscripts from the slush pile). Garnett did not know Russian. She was inspired to learn the language by a renegade Russians who had escaped Siberia.


‘Once laid up with pregnancy complications, Garnett undertook the mammoth task of learning the notoriously complex Slavic language. One of her first translations was “The Kingdom of God is Within You,” a religious and philosophical tract by Leo Tolstoy. She went on to translate over 70 volumes of Russian literature, including almost everything Tolstoy ever wrote, Chekhov, all of Dostoevsky, and her favorite, Turgenev, among others. In 1894, Garnett took a three-month trip to Russia, and even visited Tolstoy at his estate, Yasnaya Polyana.’

What made Garnett a highly acclaimed translator? In spite of her commitment to familial duties, she worked relentlessly braving health issues and translating one book after another, without respite.

Garnett has been criticized for her speedy translations and for having robbed the translations of the beauty of the original. Yet her achievements are a service to book lovers world over.

Read Nina Renata Aron’s  story about how this unassuming British woman unlocked ‘Crime and Punishment’ and many other Russian masterpieces.

Image: Wikipedia

March 21, 2017
by Neelima

Readers can’t Digest-Week 125 (15-March to 21-March)

1.Trump Proposes Eliminating the Arts and Humanities Endowments

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2.Man Booker International 2017 longlist includes Amos Oz and banned writer

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3.Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie clarifies transgender comments as backlash grows

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4.Cory Doctorow Launches a Bookstore Where Authors Sell on Behalf of Publishers

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5.Japanese e-book sales increase by 13.2% in 2016

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