Distribute Your eBooks Worldwide

Help readers find your book through InstaScribe

More channels* coming soon
*Channel availability may depend on the language and type of eBook. Most channels are available for English. For other languages there might be restrictions.
You must have an Indian Bank Account and a PAN number
eBook must be created using the InstaScribe app
85% of the net royalty received by us from each sale, for example

Step 1:
We list the eBook at $3 (as mutually decided).
Step 2:
The channel (say Amazon) pays us $2 after deducting its commission, taxes and any other fees.
Step 3:
The amount credited in our account is INR 120 after deducting any bank charges etc. (effective exchange rate = Rs. 60/USD)
Step 4:
You received 85% of INR 120, that is INR 102 for the sale.
Your royalty releases subject to a minimum balance having accrued. (See Terms & Conditions)
Review Terms and Conditions and contact us for taking it further