Checking Channels: Robert McKee and Storification


In my search for story geniuses on YouTube, I came across Robert McKee. Most of his courses are not available online but there a couple of videos and interviews on YouTube that help you get a gist of his technique. What I gathered from listening to his existing conversations was that he’s been in the story business for a long time. He initially wanted to do a Ph.D. in creative writing but ended up writing screenplays for Hollywood instead. As an aside, he talked about writing to students and then this took off as a career.

While he started out writing stories for plays, movies, books, etc., he ended up creating a Storynomics module that teaches the art of story as an essential part of marketing your business. Even a construction company can weave a story and sell their product if their story has a good enough hook.

To get a clearer picture of his teaching style, you may watch this – A Lesson by Robert McKee on 10 traits of faulty dialogue – Part 1.

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