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In Books for Life by Adam Gidwitz talks about the secret appeal of some books. Why are some books always on the bestseller lists? We now have algorithms that can predict how well a book can sell and what kind of stories need to be written, but technology can never really pin down what makes a book so dear and why it is recommended by word of mouth so that sales increase exponentially. In the same way, why do you prefer a particular book when you are a child? The book you love as a child says a lot about you as a person. The author talks about his favorite book and it makes the reader wonder what story is a favorite and what does it say about me?

Going back to the books that make it the bestseller list, the author talks about the most popular fairytale in the world- Cinderella, a trope that he thinks JK Rowling plays on in the Harry Potter series. He also reinvents 1984 with an interpretation of this dystopian fiction that didn’t strike me at all when I read it which explains why 1984 is so popular among teenagers. The story is about how Winston, the protagonist of the novel, becomes the system he so rebelled against. He becomes one of them, the way every teenager gives into the system that he so wants to break. There is no way one can escape it.

This is a very fascinating article. Read it.


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