Readers Can’t Digest – Week 4 (1-Sep to 7-Sep)

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1. HarperCollins Uk has relaunched its website with ebooks that can be directly downloaded from website by the readers. The readers can use a free HarperCollins app to read the ebooks.



2. Amazon has launched self-publishing service specially for children’s books called KDP Kids. Authors can download a new software called Kindle Kids’ Book Creator to put chapters with illustrations.



3.  Marvel has launched new comic series called ‘Death of Wolverine’, which will tell the story about the most beloved X-Men member’s death. Wolverine loses his healing power by the end of the first issue of this four part series.


4. Barnes and Noble has installed Espresso Book Machine at three of its outlets in US. The customers will now be able to make a physical print book of a hard-to-find book, a public domain title, or self publish a book.



5. ‘Verax’ is a graphic non-fiction under work to be published by Holt that will give readers insight into NSA’s working. Seven Stories too is working on a graphic novel which will be biography of NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden.


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